Your nervous system is electrical. Like a battery, each of your cells has a positive and a negative charge. If you insert a battery into a device the wrong way, the current doesn't flow and the device won't work. We are similar. If the current of life-force energy doesn't flow properly, our body and mind won't operate as optimally as they could. 

Holistic therapies focused on bioenergetic healing facilitate the free flow of life-force energy and create an environment for the body and mind to find their balance naturally. These techniques are a stand-alone or complementary approach for many physical and emotional challenges.



Man with hand on back pain

Pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart  disease and cancer combined.  The Institute of Medicine of the National  Academies estimates that over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic  pain.

Pain is a signal to the brain via the nervous system. Energy work can offer a very safe and effective approach to managing pain as our energy anatomy communicates directly with the electrical currents of our nervous system.


Stressed out woman

Chronic stress is known to be a key contributor to the onset of many serious health conditions. 75% to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints. 

Mindfulness, meditation and energy-based techniques help to increase resilience to stress and more quickly calm the fight/flight response when we do get triggered. 


Sports equipment, football, basketball, tennis racquet, golf ball, soccer ball, baseball bat

Sports are the ultimate mind/body endeavor. It is said that 90% of sports is mental, yet most athletes spend virtually all of their time on physical strength and conditioning. 

Bioenergetic healing techniques can aid the body not only with reducing pain and accelerating its recovery, but help athletes on a mindset level to manage pressure, stay focused and break through slumps.


Injured arm wrapped in bandage

Recovering from an injury or a surgical intervention is taxing on the body and our energy systems. The physical pain and discomfort are often accompanied by negative emotions like worry, fear or sadness, which can interfere with the speed and quality of healing. 

Re-establishing the healthy flow of energy through the body supports its natural healing process and can significantly ease emotional unrest. 


prescription pill bottles

Ingesting any substance, be it prescription, herbal or even food affects our energy systems. Side effects imply that our body can't efficiently process the substance. Not only does that mean that we are taxing our body, but we also may not be receiving the full benefit of what we're taking.

Balancing the energies to medicines and foods allows the body to maximize the positive effects and minimize or even eliminate the unwanted ones.


Divorce, loss of a loved one, retirement or an empty nest all force us to re-evaluate our life and create a new identity for ourselves. This can be daunting and scary. We want to move forward, but feel paralyzed.

Mind/body techniques help process emotions (e-motion, energy in motion) like fear and grief so that new perspectives and paths can come into view.

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