Personal Point of Power


Energy 101

Your Energy Systems

Just as your physical body is made up of different biological systems like the circulatory, digestive and nervous systems, you also have energetic systems that inform and influence your physical and mental wellness. 

Our energies reflect our inner world and weave together body and mind. Physical and emotional pain and other symptoms suggest that the flow of energy through one or more of the systems is compromised. Opening the obstructions to our energy flow allows biochemical and neurological signals to travel to their destinations with speed and precision. 

Here is a broad overview of some of the more commonly known energy systems and the functions that they serve. 

Meridians – These riverbeds of energy, or chi, connect our organs and systems. They are the pathways along which acupuncture needles are placed, but the energy also responds to touch, magnets, sound and color.

Aura – Also known as the bioenergetic field or biofield in science, this egg-shaped structure goes in, through and around our body. It is both a transmitter and receiver of information to/from our environment. 

Chakras – From the Sanskrit word meaning "wheel," these energetic vortexes are data banks that hold our personal and ancestral history. The chakras sit along the spinal column and influence the organs in their vicinity as well as the endocrine system.

Radiant Circuits – Also known as the strangeflows or extraordinary vessels in East Asian Medicine, these energies are like hyperlinks that go where needed. This energy system is most active when we are in positive feeling states such as joy, appreciation, awe and happiness.