Personal Point of Power




Your nervous system is electrical. Like a battery, each of your cells has a positive and a negative charge. If you insert a battery into a device the wrong way, the current doesn't flow and the device won't work. We  are similar. If the current of life energies, or bioenergies, don't flow properly in your cells, your nervous system is affected and your the body and mind won't work at their best. Plain and simple. A  chronic pattern of compromised energy flow can contribute to unwanted physical or mental issues. 

Therapies focused on bioenergetic healing (aka energy medicine) promote the free flow of blocked energy and encourage the body and mind to find their balance naturally. These techniques are highly effective on their own or alongside other treatments for pain, stress and anxiety.

Signs Your Energy Needs Attention

  • You're in a slump or you've lost your drive.
  • You're in overwhelm, not sleeping well or can't sleep, anxious.
  • You're having very real physical symptoms, but medical tests come back normal and don't show an obvious cause.
  • You've tried a bunch of different treatments and therapies, but they haven't provided adequate relief or have caused bad side effects.
  • You are just plain stuck; spinning your wheels, not taking action or can't even see new possibilities for yourself.

It's time to stop the chain of pain. Aren't you ready to get your mojo back so that you can get to the good stuff instead of feeling crappy?  

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