Personal Point of Power




What is energy?

Energy is the force of life that animates the physical body. Other common names for this life-force are Qi or Chi from the Chinese medicine model and Prana from the Yogic tradition.

Currently, there are ten scientifically known types of energy:  solar, electric, magnetic, chemical, thermal, potential, nuclear, kinetic, electromagnetic and subtle. The practice of  bioenergetics (a word I use interchangeably with energy medicine) addresses the electric, magnetic, electromagnetic and subtle energies in the body. The term bioenergetic refers to the [life force] energies of the body

Energy wants to flow. When its flow is impeded and it becomes stuck, physical and emotional symptoms can arise. Think of a pond in which there is no inflow or outflow of water. Over time the stagnant water becomes murky, moldy and gross. A similar process occurs in our body when the energies don't flow, pain, inflammation and toxicity may follow.

What happens in an bioenergetics session?

The client lies or sits, fully clothed, in a relaxed state.

Techniques such as light touch, acupressure, tapping, colored light therapy, magnet therapy, guided imagery, and meditation are used to influence and restore balance to the energy systems. 

Applied kinesiology (aka muscle reflex testing) is used as a diagnostic tool to assess the flow of energy. 

Do I have to talk about my issues?

Not unless you wish to.

The beauty of energy work is that when we simply think of something that may be bothering us, the nervous system and energy systems instantaneously reflect what’s going on in our mind. Imbalances in energies as they relate to the stressful thought or situation pop up and can be worked on without the need to say anything out loud, though clients often find relief in doing so.

I don’t believe in energy work. It sounds like Harry Potter woo woo, hocus pocus to me…

You don’t have to believe in gravity to be affected by it and the same goes for energy. Your subtle and electromagnetic energies are contributing to your physical and emotional state whether you believe it or not.

There is a growing body of research that supports energy therapies and their effect on our biology and psychology. Additionally, esteemed medical institutions like Mayo Clinic and The Cleveland Clinic now incorporate various energy modalities with conventional patient care.

Sometimes it can seem like working with energy is extra-ordinary, as the results often can be.

Isn’t my doctor enough?

If you’re feeling great, then yes, keep doing what’s working! 

Unfortunately, for millions of us, that is not the case. Side effects, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and other unwanted symptoms persist despite having tried a lot of things. Additionally, an increasing number of people are being diagnosed with “mystery illnesses” where doctors can’t even figure out why one is sick. 

The health of the body reflects the health of its energies. Energy work does not diagnose or treat symptoms or diseases, but such information can give clues to identify where the energies aren’t flowing. The body’s energies are oriented toward promoting the body’s health.

Energy medicine can be used to complement other healthcare treatments or as a stand-alone approach for wellness.

How does this work if you're not touching me?

Quantum physics has proven that what appears to be empty space is, in fact, a network of energy that connects everything in the Universe. It is commonly referred to by physicists as the Zero-point Field, the Quantum Field or simply The Field. We’re already connected to and a part of this web of energy and we can learn to “tune in” to this field to connect with and communicate with one another energetically and even telepathically. This ability can be cultivated and practiced by anyone. 

Visualization and focused intention can shift our energy systems and transfer those effects through the field, so it doesn’t matter whether the client and practitioner are physically in the same space or not.