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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a methodology that layers hypnosis with aspects of neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavior therapy and other modalities to quickly identify and transform issues at their root cause. You will leave the session with a radically new understanding about yourself which allows you to completely transform your issue. 

RTT was developed by Marisa Peer, a therapist who has earned the distinction as Britain's Top Therapist. She has used the technique with elite athletes, corporate CEOs, Oscar-winning actors and Hollywood elite and England's Royal family among thousands of others.

The RTT Experience

In a deeply relaxed alpha brainwave state of hypnosis (similar to meditation), we will dive into your subconscious mind, which is like the operating system of a computer. All of your habitual thought patterns and beliefs are rooted in the subconscious; the good, bad and the ugly. 

Together we will identify and understand how, when, where and why you developed patterns that are hurting you and keeping you stuck and we'll shift them so you can be free to create what you want, on your terms. 

Your Rapid Transformational Therapy Experience includes:

  • A 90-120 minute RTT session to identify and uproot unwanted, outdated, destructive, and often hidden, beliefs keeping you where you don't want to be (i.e., in pain, stuck, freaking out, self-sabotaging, etc.)
  • A totally personalized transformational recording that you will listen to for 30 days to rewire your mind with new, powerful beliefs to match your desired outcome. You are literally upgrading your operating system!
  • Two virtual check-ins over the following three weeks to address anything that bubbles to the surface.
  • Email access to me to process any concerns or issues that arise. 
  • A 1:1 call a month after your session to review, assess next steps, virtual high-five and celebrate!

Many concerns may be resolved in a single session. If you have a complex issue that requires some more work, we'll set up another session after the 30 days.

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Happy Client...Happy Dance!

"I did RTT with Shweta a couple of months ago, and WOW! I immediately felt a positive change in my perspective and overall energy. Under hypnosis, I made connections to past experiences and understood how/why those experiences shaped my perspective. I worked through a lot of deep seeded emotions and was able to speak to them out loud which was extremely powerful and healing for me. 

It felt like I had worked through 3 years of traditional therapy in 90 minutes! 

Shweta helped me expose some negative things I was telling myself in my subconscious. Then she sent me home with a recording to “retrain” my subconscious. After listening to my nightly recording for nearly a month, I saw positive changes in my life. I had no idea how much my own subconscious could influence before this. I am BLOWN AWAY with the results!"

~ Christin Norris, Designer