Personal Point of Power



"It is challenging to find someone who is both adept in the practice of bioenergetics and can communicate its principles with clarity and precision. If one adds additional requirements of superb training and innate ability, it may sound impossible to identify such a practitioner. To have found someone who not only excels in all of those areas, but has a sharp mind and a tender heart is beyond possible, and yet, here she is. 

Shweta Shyamani is a respected colleague to whom I have entrusted the care of many of my patients. Without exception, they have sung her praises and described the ways in which she has aided their insomnia, reduced their anxiety, diminished their pain, and relieved their suffering. Shweta embodies the ideal of a gifted healer with a keen intuition and an incisive mind. I have been consistently, and am, grateful for her abilities in the care of some of my most complex patients."

Dr. C. Leslie Smith, MS, MA, LAc, MD, DABMA, DNCCAOM

Director, Culinary Medicine

Director, Integrative Medicine

SIU School of Medicine

"Just last year I had an accident and fractured my hand. It immediately swelled and I couldn’t move my fingers. I went to an urgent care facility and it was confirmed by X-ray that I severely fractured the 5th metatarsal in my right hand. Doctors told me I would be in a soft cast for six weeks and should not be on my computer for any length of time. Since I was a freelance graphic designer, it wasn’t realistic. Due to Shweta and her work I was able to go back on my computer without pain the next day!

Another time, a few years back, I badly sprained my ankle and couldn’t put any weight on my foot. I was literally crawling and hopping around my home. With one session with Shweta, I WAS WALKING 30 MINUTES LATER!

No matter what type of physical pain you have, Shweta has the ability to work on ANY type of injury. You don’t have to live with pain!

She is the REAL DEAL."

A.J., Designer

Chicago, IL

"Migraines, depression, IBS, severe fatigue, weight gain… the list goes on.  I’d been plagued by these issues for years – some over 30.  I searched for cures, answers… I didn’t want to be crippled up by these issues and it was to that point.  I didn’t want to depend on medication the rest of my life.  Nor did I only want to address the symptoms.  I wanted to get to the root of the problem and eliminate these illnesses altogether, but I ran into road block after road block.  Everywhere I turned: doctors, friends, loved ones would chalk it all up to “getting old.”  Intuitively I knew that setting into aging in this way was not right; but I didn’t know what was right or how to find out.  

For years I searched and tried on my own to get well to no avail.  Then I met Shweta.  Working with her has given me my life back.  Every single issue I was dealing with has vastly improved or is now gone.  I feel like she literally saved by life.  So I say to anyone reading this, perhaps it is time to accept the gift that has been placed before you.  I am grateful every day for the gift of Shweta in my life and the difference my work with her has made.  It has made all the difference."

Jamie C., Entrepreneur

Mingo Junction, OH

"Like many women, I had a #MeToo experience early in my career. Though I’d invested time to intellectually understand the event and its impact, I’d never considered the impact it had on a deeper, subconscious level. With recent news coverage bringing up memories and playing havoc with my sleep, I scheduled an appointment with Shweta. My time with her cleared out the last remnants of that bad experience, restoring good memories of that time that I’d forgotten and giving me a chance to celebrate who I’d become since that time. I walked away from the treatment room feeling as though I had finally regained ownership of my entire life and my experiences, which was a gift to myself. Thank you, Shweta!"

Michelle C., CEO

Chicago, IL

"Working with Shweta is an absolute blessing. Her uncanny ability to assess the energy surrounding a situation, emotion, or pattern of behaviors, and then help move the energy or block has been invaluable to me.

Shweta has successfully helped me overcome everything, from relief from migraines to improving the daily nuances in my relationship with my husband, creating a successful business, and identifying root issues with my kids to help them overcome life things (such as night terrors or behavioral problems). I am infinitely grateful for the contributions she has made to my life!"

Kari Caldwell, Author & Holistic Health Coach
Boca Raton, FL

"I will admit that I was skeptical when I first started.  I was in a corporate job and did not really believe in or was open to the concept of energy work.

I saw Shweta after a friend raved about her, figured I would go for one session and stop after that.  Nearly a year later, I'm hooked!  

Shweta is truly gifted and amazing at what she does.  Part coach, part "energy doctor" I always leave my sessions feeling better and more balanced, physically and mentally, and have been able to work on and improve myself a lot through my sessions with Shweta.  Through the work I've done with her, I was able to envision and make some significant life changes happen! 

I highly recommend working with Shweta to anyone looking to make changes, improvements, or just feel more balanced and have better energy."

Beth K., Attorney
Chicago, IL

"I was put into a scenario at work which most people would think is the ultimate in stress, and yet everyday my colleagues would comment at how well I was dealing with things, and how positive my outlook was. I controlled the situation instead of letting it control me, and I credit Shweta for teaching  me how to do so."

Leslie E., Advertising Executive

Chicago, IL