Personal Point of Power



For decades my mom lived with severe, chronic pain and a myriad other health issues. When a neurosurgeon from a highly esteemed medical center in Chicago told her matter-of-factly that she would have to live with the extreme pain she was in and that, “there was nothing more he could do for her,” she was crushed. She felt powerless. 

 I was enraged  by his utter lack of sensitivity and determined to find her some relief.  It was unbearable seeing someone that I love suffer. The neurosurgeon  didn't have the tools in his toolbox to provide my mom the healing she  desperately sought, but somewhere, someone did.  I never wanted her to  feel like that again, nor do I wish anyone to feel such hopelessness and  defeat. (Thus, the  name of my practice, Personal Point of Power. I believe our personal power lies WITHIN our own being, in our bioenergies or spirit, which permeates mind  and body.) 

Our journey led us to many holistic doctors, healers and modalities and I became utterly fascinated by the work that some of them were doing. I went on to study and become certified by several of them including Eden Energy Medicine, Rapid Transformational Therapy, the Enwaken Coaching System and the Lifeline Technique. I have studied, practiced and developed various forms of this work for nearly a decade now, far exceeding the amount of time I spent earning my bachelor’s degree (DePaul University) and MBA (Kellogg School of Management) combined. 

I am passionate about this work and it is my personal mission to inpower my clients, by helping them to discover the power for healing that is available inside each and every one of us. 

Energy work is a technology that has its roots in spiritual traditions from around the globe and over the past century and a half science has begun to develop a framework of understanding, through quantum physics, neuroscience and epigenetics as to how and why it works. It is ancient wisdom and leading-edge science at once

I wish you great joy, success and vibrant health on your journey. If I may be of service, it would be a pleasure and an honor to connect with you.  ~